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Job Description
Title: School Counselor
Reports To: High School Principal
General Responsibilities: The school counselor provides comprehensive, developmental
programs for all students 6-12. The counselor structures activities to
meet the needs of the students in the areas of academics, social
development, spiritual, and career/college; consults with teachers, staff,
and parents to enhance their effectiveness in helping students; oversees
and administers high school and middle school scheduling process; and
works in harmony with school staff to promote the counseling program.
Education: Master’s Degree in Education, School Counseling or Community
Contracted By: School Board for one year
Evaluation: High School Principal
Required Personal Qualities:
• Has received Jesus Christ as his/her personal Savior.
• Believes that the Bible is God’s Word and standard for faith and daily living.
• Is a Christian role model in attitude, speech and actions toward others. This includes being
committed to God’s biblical standards for sexual conduct (Luke 6:40)
• Regularly attends a local, evangelical church, which has a Statement of Faith in agreement
with the school’s Statement of Faith.
• Shows by example the importance of Scripture study and memorization, prayer, witnessing
and unity in the Body of Christ.
• Is in whole-hearted agreement with the school’s Statement of Faith and Christian philosophy
of education.
• Has the spiritual maturity, ability, and personal qualities to “train up a child in the way he
should go.”
• Recognizes the role of parents as primarily responsible before God for their children’s
education and be prepared to assist them in that task.
• Demonstrates the character qualities of enthusiasm, courtesy, flexibility, integrity, gratitude,
kindness, self-control, perseverance, and punctuality.
• Meets everyday stress with emotional stability, objectivity, and optimism.
• Maintains a personal appearance that is a Christian role model of cleanliness, modesty, and
good taste, and that is in agreement with any applicable school policy.
• Uses acceptable English in written and oral communication.
• Respectfully submits and is loyal to constituted authority.
• Notifies the supervisor/administrator of any policy he/she is unable to support.
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• Refuses to use or circulate confidential information inappropriately.
• Places his/her ministry ahead of other jobs or volunteer activities.
• Appreciates and understands the diversity of the Phoenix Christian community.
• Recognizes the need for good public relations. Represents the school in a favorable and
professional manner to the school’s constituency and the general public.
• Develops and maintains rapport with students, parents, and staff by treating others with
friendliness dignity, and consideration
• Follows the Matthew 18 principle in dealing with students, parents, staff, and administration.
• Seeks the counsel of the supervisor/administrator, colleagues, and parents while maintaining
a teachable attitude.
Job Description:
• Works with teachers, students and parents to meet the needs of individual students through
academic, social, spiritual and career awareness activities: Assists students in transition from
elementary to middle school, middle school to high school, and high school to their next steps;
individual sessions with all new students; maintains a variety of career and college materials to
aid in student research; organizes annual events such as New High School Orientation, Annual
Lunch College Fair, Senior Seminar 101, Senior Preview Night, Honors Ceremony.
• Consults with teachers, staff, and parents regarding meeting the developmental needs of
students: Participate in group consultations with administrators, teachers, parents, and others
to enhance their work with students; conduct in-service programs for faculty; conducts and
facilitate conferences with teachers, students, and parents; organize parent/teacher
conferences; conduct or provide opportunities for parent education programs; and assist
families with school related problems
• Advocates for all students: Maintains a current knowledge of equity and diversity issues; uses
results from student/parent surveys to adjust programs and policies.
• Works closely with the Registrar to see that accurate records are kept for each student: GPA,
credits, rank in class, honor rolls, etc
• Coordinates the Advanced Placement program by scheduling testing, keeping AP teachers aware
of training opportunities, publishing test scores, and suggesting ways to improve the AP
• Oversees the dual enrollment program by communicating with the colleges, scheduling
enrollment periods, coordinating teacher approval and submitting final grades.
• Completes a credit check analysis on each senior after the completion of the junior year and the
completion of the 7th semester, in order to help each student meet graduation requirements.
Supplies summer school and/or correspondence school information as needed.
• Maintains a variety of career and college materials to aid students in making wise choices in
these areas. Helps representatives from colleges, branches of the military and civilian careers
meet with interested students
• Manages the testing program for the school, including planning, ordering materials, and
instructing personnel to supervise testing sessions, scoring tests (or ordering computer scoring),
preparing result charts, filing individual results, and relaying test results to parents,
administrators and teachers.
• Assists with setting up the Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences in the fall and spring by
communication with the parents and special scheduling.
• Works with students, parents, and teachers to help resolve problems (both personal and
academic) and increases understanding in order to encourage better achievement.
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• Plans, implements, evaluates, and revises the school counseling program: Conducts
developmentally sequenced counseling activities in the classroom in cooperation with school
administrators and teachers. Facilitates the infusion of counseling activities into the regular
education curricula to support the developmental needs of students. These activities may
include a variety of resources and material. Reviews the school counseling program at least
annually and make necessary changes based on evaluations.
• Counsels small groups and individual students: Conducts structured, goal-oriented counseling
sessions to meet the identified needs of individuals or groups of students. Topics may include
self-concept, study skills, behavior patterns, family issues, child abuse, substance abuse
prevention, academic improvement, and self-injury/suicide prevention and/or intervention.
• Refer students with critical needs, in consultation with their parents, to appropriate community
resources: Consults with parents in referring students with critical needs to local psychologists,
hospitals, service agencies, and physicians
• Participates in activities that contribute to the effective school counseling program within the
school: Interpret test results to faculty and staff; assist school staff in the placement of students
with special needs; coordinates the implementation of the districts testing program; participates
in the small group/core group program; attend chapels and other school related events as often
as possible
• Helps with job placement of students when requested by the local community, by making
known the availability of specific jobs on a job board and in announcements.
• Demonstrates professional conduct and pursue professional growth: Displays a positive
professional attitude and follow the ethical standards outlined by the American School
Counselor Association; attends professional development seminars; take graduate coursework;
and share with colleagues

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